Joey Griffith Residence

Project Number:
November 1, 1962
Joey Griffith Residence
Volcano, California
Project Name:
Joey Griffith Residence

Mrs. Griffin wanted a small, contemporary styled, two-bedroom house on a lot on the northwest side of the Schoolhouse on a street at the end of Main Street, Volcano, California. Influenced by nature’s geometry, I created a hexagon plan, like the shape of a beehive cell. The house was built of natural material. The exterior walls were vertical grain, stained, redwood siding. The wood shingled roof sloped in two directions, like the wings of an eagle. One end of the ridgeline was higher than the other, creating a second roof slope. Contrary to the admonitions of the local builders, the two sided, sloped, shingled roof did not leak. Water slid off the roof, like it did from the dual slopes of a bird’s wings.