Pasadena City Hall

Project Number:
City of Pasadena
Pasadena, California
Project Name:
Pasadena City Hall

Designed in the mid-twenties by Bakewell & Brown, the architects of the San Francisco City Hall, this marvelous building is perhaps the finest flower of what might be called “Southern California Beaux Arts Exposition Architecture”, a successful and extremely playful pastiche of the Escorial and the Cathedral at Salamanaca, resplendent with courts and gardens, and altogether a fitting monument to a city that is in its essence one big garden.

The architects were asked to develop a plan for the restoration of the building’s exterior: to repair and repaint its surfaces so that they would regain their former glory. This required considerable research into the actual intentions of the original architects, and a thorough investigation of how best to ensure the building’s future resistance to the elements.

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