Harvard University, March 13, 2008. Photographer: Anita Kan
Harvard University, March 13, 2008. Photographer: Anita Kan
Beverly Willis, 1978
Beverly Willis with Adele Chatfield Taylor, 1996
Beverly Willis shaking hands with her Majesty, Farah Diba, Empress of Iran, at her palace in Teheran, Iran, 1978
Beverly Willis with Frank Gehry, 1998
Beverly Willis with I.M. Pei, 1996
Beverly Willis honoring Kenneth Frampton (with his son) at an event at her townhouse in New York City, 1997
Beverly Willis with Charles Rueger, 1977
Beverly Willis standing with partner, David Coldoff (left) and Charles Rueger (right) in foreground at a project manager meeting in her office, 1975
Robert Ivy, Editor, Architectural Record (left) Beverly Willis (center) with Charles Correa (right), 2003
US Senator Daniel Inouye, Hawaii, who aided Willis during the Aliamanu Design
American Institute of Architects, 1988; left to right, Beverly Willis and Natalie deBlois
Beverly Willis, Larry Halprin and Team, New York
Beverly Willis and Robert Stern
Beverly Willis, 1930
Beverly Willis, 1930
Beverly Willis with Friend, 1931
Beverly Willis, 1932
Beverly Willis, 1940
Beverly Willis, 1943
Beverly Willis and Brother, 1946
Beverly Willis, 1948
Beverly Willis, 1950
Beverly Willis sketching, 1954
Beverly Willis, 1965
Beverly Willis, 1966
Beverly Willis, 1972
Beverly Willis, 1976
Beverly Willis, 1978
Beverly Willis (right foreground) talking with Mrs. Jihan el Sadat, holding her grandson, at the Presidential Palace in Cairo, Egypt, 1978
Beverly Willis, 1979
AIA Fellowship 1980, Left to Right, Chancelor, College of Fellow, David Pugh and Beverly Willis
Honorary Doctorate of the Fine Arts, Mount Holyoke College, 1982. BW and mother Margaret Willis
Beverly Willis Self Portrait, 1990
Beverly Willis, 1996
Taj Mahal, Agra, India, 2000
Beverly Willis and Wanda Bubriski at the bottom of the Twin Tower's Foundation after debris excavation and before construction
Beverly Willis at National Building Museum, August 2007
Ralph Gerald "Budd" Willis [brother], 1933
Ralph Gerald "Budd" Willis [brother], 1932
Ralph Gerald "Budd" Willis [brother], 1932
Ralph Gerald "Budd" Willis [brother], 1935
Ralph Gerald "Budd" Willis [brother], 1945
Ralph Gerald "Budd" Willis [brother], 1945
Ralph Gerald "Budd" Willis [brother], 19xx
Ralph Gerald "Budd" Willis [brother], 1975
Ralph Gerald "Budd" Willis [brother], 1995
Ralph William Willis [father], 1922
Ralph William Willis [father], 1945
Ralph William Willis [father], 1946
Ralph William Willis [father], 1933
Ralph William Willis [father], 1932
Ralph William Willis [father], 1940
Margaret Elizabeth Porter Willis [mother], 1936
Margaret Elizabeth Porter Willis [mother], 1942
Margaret Elizabeth Porter Willis [mother], 1929
Margaret Elizabeth Porter Willis [mother], 1906
Margaret Elizabeth Willis, 19xx
Grandparents Legrand and Miranda Porter, 1902
Grandparent Legrand Porter, 1917
Grandparent Charles William Willis House, 1906
Ancestors, Porter Family, 1904
Ancestors, Porter Family, 1880
John and Caroline Willis family photo