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Number Type Date Client Location Project Name Pictures?
0827 1964–1975 Beverly Willis Union Street, between Fillmore and Gough Streets, San Francisco, California Union Street Merchant Association No
0825 Renovation, Residence 2005 Beverly Willis 6 Rockland Park, Branford, Connecticut 6 Rockland Park Yes
0824 Consulting 2001-2004 Architecture Research Institute New York, New York R.Dot: Rebuild Downtown Our Town Yes
0823 Renovation, Residence 1995 Beverly Willis 274 Roses Grove, Watermill, New York 274 Roses Grove Yes
0822 Renovation, Residence 1994 Beverly Willis 19 Hillside, Northampton, Massachusetts 19 Hillside, Northampton, Massachusetts Yes
0820 Renovation, Residence 2001 Beverly Willis 170 Middle Line Highway Middle Line Highway Yes
0819 Consulting 1993 Deedee & Prosser Gifford Woods Hole, Massachusetts Weatherside/Woods Hole, Massachusetts No
0818 Environment and Energy Conservation 1975- Beverly Willis & Associates Architects San Francisco, California Environmental Reporting Analysis (ERA) and Environmental Impact Reporting (EIR) No
0821 Renovation, Residence 1973 Beverly Willis 3977 Clay Street, San Francisco, California 3977 Clay Street Yes
0814 Furnishings, Interior Design and Construction 1992 Rosita Sarnoff New York City, New York Wall Table Design No
0812 Community Buildings - Clubs, Renovation August 2, 1994 New York City Public Schools 350 Coney Island Avenue, Brooklyn, New York Bridges to Brooklyn High School No
0811 July 24, 1991 Beverly Willis 119 East 35th Street, New York, NY 10016 Willis Residence Yes
0809 Interior Design and Construction, Office June 30, 1998 Ritchie and Ritchie Real Estate Co. 560 Mission Street, San Francisco, California Ritchie and Ritchie No
0808 Furnishings, Interior Design and Construction April 1998 InterAmericas 162 East 78th Streeet, New York, New York 10021 Fernando Ortiz Exhibit Cases No
0806 Community Buildings - Clubs, Renovation April 1, 1990 Jack Rutberg Los Angeles, California Jack Rutberg Fine Arts Gallery No
0805 Renovation, Theater October 1, 1989 Berkshire Festival Theatre Stockbridge, Massachusetts Berkshire Festival Theatre No
0804 Consulting/Color, Interior Design and Construction February 1989 Toni Rembe 2550 Broadway, San Francisco, California 94123 Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Rock Residence No
0803 Ballet and Opera, Buildings - new construction October 1, 1988 Lotfi Mansouri, San Francisco Opera San Francisco Civic Center, San Francisco, California 1500 Seat New Theatre No
0802 Interior Design and Construction, Residence October 1, 1988 Anne Radice 2311 Connecticut NW, Washington D.C. Anne Radice Apartment No
0801 Land, Master Planning October 1, 1988 World Wildlife Safari Winston, Oregon World Wild Life Safari Park (Roseberg) No