Significant Buildings



  • CARLA (#0816)
    Computerized Approach to Residential Land Analysis


  • Union Street Shops (#0318)
    Pioneering adaptive re-use renovation
    1980 Union Street, San Francisco, California
    Photographer: Joshua Freiwald
  • Union Street Merchants Association (#0827)
    Union Street, between Fillmore and Gough Streets, San Francisco, California

Schools and Churches

  • Manhattan Village Academy (#0807)
    400-student, prototypical, high school in loft space
    43 W. 22nd St., New York City
    Photographer: Peter Aaron
  • Glide Church (#0607)
    San Francisco, California
    Prototypical design for the revitalization of urban churches
    Photographer: Alain McLaughlin

Multi-Family Housing and a New Town

  • Vine Terrace Apartments [now known as Nob Hill Court Condominiums] (#0594)
    930 Vine Street, San Francisco, California
    Photographers: Joshua Freiwald, Jeremiah Bragstad
  • Pacific Point Condominium Apartments (#0628)
    Alpha Land Company, Pacifica, California
    First use of CARLA
    Photographers: Joshua Freiwald, Arnold Del Carlo
  • Aliamanu Valley Community (#0660)
    525 buildings housing 11,500 people
    Corps of Engineers, Honolulu, Hawaii
    Photographer: J. Michael Kanouff

Mixed-Use Development—Design-Build

  • Yerba Buena Gardens [Unbuilt] (#0752)
    24-acre mixed-use development of an art center, theatre, offices, retail, hotel, gardens (hotel built)
    Partner Olympia & York, Marriott Hotels, Beverly Willis, LLC, conceptual designer
    Photographers: Gerald Ratto, Elizabeth Jones