Architecture Project List with Pictures

The following architecture projects have photographs or images available in this e-archive.

Number Type Date Client Location Project Name
0825 Renovation, Residence 2005 Beverly Willis 6 Rockland Park, Branford, Connecticut 6 Rockland Park
0824 Consulting 2001-2004 Architecture Research Institute New York, New York R.Dot: Rebuild Downtown Our Town
0823 Renovation, Residence 1995 Beverly Willis 274 Roses Grove, Watermill, New York 274 Roses Grove
0822 Renovation, Residence 1994 Beverly Willis 19 Hillside, Northampton, Massachusetts 19 Hillside, Northampton, Massachusetts
0821 Renovation, Residence 1973 Beverly Willis 3977 Clay Street, San Francisco, California 3977 Clay Street
0820 Renovation, Residence 2001 Beverly Willis 170 Middle Line Highway Middle Line Highway
0817 Brochures and Presentations for Firm August 1984 Escondido City Hall Escondido, California Escondido Competition
0816 Computer Software 1972- Beverly Willis & Associates Architects San Francisco, California Technological Innovations: CARLA
0815 Book, Publication 1997 National Building Museum Publisher Washington, D.C. Invisible Images: The Silent Language of Architecture
0813 Renovation, Residence 1987 Beverly Willis San Francisco, California Greenwich Apartment
0811 July 24, 1991 Beverly Willis 119 East 35th Street, New York, NY 10016 Willis Residence
0810 Residence - new construction April 1983 Beverly Willis 11 Zinfandel Lane, St. Helena, California River Run
0807 Community Buildings - Clubs, Renovation 1994-1996 New York City Board of Education Facility Division Ramon Cortines 43 W. 22nd Street, New York, New York Manhattan Village Academy High School
0800 Buildings - new construction, Mixed Use May 1, 1987 Olympia & York Yerba Buena Gardens, between 3rd and 4th Streets on Mission Street, San Francisco, California Bay Club at Yerba Buena Gardens
0794 Residence - new construction 1987 Mr. and Mrs. Richard Goeglein Yountville, California Goeglein Pool House
0790 Buildings - new construction, Winery February 1, 1986 Richard Shown Yountville, California Shown and Sons Winery
0772 Renovation, Retail Store or Restaurant December 1983 Cathedral Hill Development Corporation Post and Franklin Streets, San Francisco, California Abbey Rents Retail Building
0771 Office Building, Renovation 1986 Cathedral Hill Development Corporation Post Street at Cathedral Hill, San Francisco, California Post Office Building
0753 Ballet and Opera, Buildings - new construction 1979-1982 San Francisco Ballet Association San Francisco, California San Francisco Ballet Building Civic Center
0752 Master Planning, Site 1980 Olympia & York Marriott Hotels Beverly Willis 24 acres between 3rd and 4th Streets and Market and Howard Streets, San Francisco, California Yerba Buena Gardens Mixed-Use Development
0745 Land, Master Planning April 8, 1980 American Nevada Corporation Henderson, Nevada Green Valley Town Center
0716 Buildings - new construction, Government San Francisco Park and Recreation Department San Francisco, California Margaret Hayward Park Playground Building
0711 Renovation, Winery January 8, 1978 United Vintners, Inc. Rutherford, California Inglenook Winery Wine Tasting Rooms
0696 Buildings - new construction, Government 1981 US Government General Services Administration Veteran Administration Campus, Livermore, California Veteran's Administration Nursing Home
0690 Land, Master Planning July 21, 1977 Mr. Ed Kaitz Richmond, California Hilltop - Exxon Site
0681 Office Building, Renovation 1976 Beverly Willis and David Coldoff San Francisco, California 545 Mission Street Office Building
0676 Buildings - new construction, Government 1981 US Government General Services Administration Covington, Kentucky Prototype Computer Center Facility for the Internal Revenue Services
0670 Land, Master Planning 1976 American Nevada Corporation Henderson, Nevada Green Valley Master Town Planning
0660 Multi-family Housing - new construction 1979 US Government, Corps of Engineers Honolulu, Hawaii Aliamanu Valley Community for Military Family Housing
0657 Land, Master Planning July 16, 1974 Texas Homes El Paso, TX Mesa Hill No. 2
0655 Residence - new construction 1974 Joseph and Stephanie Koret 711 El Camino Del Mar, San Francisco, California Koret Residence
0654 Multi-family Housing - new construction Town and Country Hillsborough, Florida 12 Oaks Village, Hillsborough County, Florida
0643 Land, Master Planning Challenge Developments, Inc. Hayward, California Hayward Highlands
0628 Multi-family Housing - new construction 1975 Alpha Land Company Pacifica, California Pacific Point Apartments
0594 Apartment (see multi-family housing), Buildings - new construction 1973 Dorothy "Dolly" Fritz-Cope, Fritz Properties San Francisco, California Vine Terrace Apartments (renamed Nob Hill Court)
0574 Land, Master Planning March 1971 Pullman Building Company Tiburon, California Paradise Cays Phase II
0570 Multi-family Housing - new construction February 1971 Alpha Land Company San Francisco, California Diamond Heights Townhouses
0555 Hotel, Renovation January 1971 Joseph Koret San Francisco, California San Franciscan Hotel
0511 Master Planning, Site 1969 J.H.S. Company Escondido Hills, California Escondido Hills West
0476 Buildings - new construction December 1970 Glide Memorial United Methodist Church San Francisco, California Glide Church Renovations
0457 Apartment Building, Renovation 1968 Jeremy Ets-Hokin Pierce Street between Oak and Pine Streets, San Francisco, California Frederick Douglas Plaza
0390 City, Master Planning 1967 City of Modesto Modesto, California Modesto Mall No. 2
0347 Renovation, Retail Store or Restaurant June 1, 1966 Hammet's Modesto, California Hammet's Store
0330 Renovation, Retail Store or Restaurant March 1, 1966 Beverly Willis Bill Oakes 1846 Union Street, San Francisco, CA Capricorn Store
0318 Renovation, Retail Store or Restaurant 1965 William and Dickie Quayle William and Maggie Lacey Harry and Mildred Golsum 1980 Union Street, San Francisco, California Union Street Shops
0269 Renovation, Retail Store or Restaurant January 1965 The Cooperage (Ted Sauer) 1890 Union Street, San Francisco, California The Cooperage Restaurant Union Stores
0245 Office Building, Renovation May 1, 1964 Elmer Gavello 560 Pacific Street, San Francisco, California Pierino Gavello Building
0228 Renovation, Retail Store or Restaurant 1965 William and Dickie Quayle William and Maggie Lacey Harry and Mildred Golsum 1980 Union Street, San Francisco, California Union Street Shops
0221 Office Building, Renovation December 1, 1963 Campbell-Ewald Advertising Agency San Francisco, California Campbell-Ewald Advertising Agency Building
0142 Residence - new construction January 1, 1960 Abbot and Roxana Robertson (c/o Gerry Working) St. Helena, California Robertson Residence